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 Blood Circulation

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Flora V. Arbor


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PostSubject: Blood Circulation   Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:17 am

When food crosses the wall of your small intestine, it enters the blood stream
as a rich liquid ( depending on what you ate).

It travels on the webby shape of the blood vessels, down to the tiny capillaries
before it exits into most of the tissues of the body ( not the cartilage, tendons or ligaments ).

(PS. it does not go back into the intestine )

The blood vessels extend into muscles AND fat, ( and more ) not just fat cells.

If you have a lot of muscle, the muscles take the food and plenty of it
but there is a limit to the amount of fat.

If you are being active while the food is in action,
you burn it and burn it well.

The brain takes a lot out of the blood stream too IF you are using it.

Even if you are active, tho, there is a limit to the amount of fat that will go into, either
muscle or fat-storage ( adipose tissue ).

Those, free-floating, fat molecules roll around in the blood stream - NOT being used.

They interact with the oxygen in the blood stream, ( a process that is similar to how iron "rusts" - oxidation ),
turn foamy and embed in the walls of the blood vessels.

This foamy, gross, rusted, extra fat - NOT from storage on the body - FROM A RECENT MEAL,
embeds in the walls of the blood vessels.

It doesn't sit on the wall where it could be scraped off.

It's IN the wall.

"Hardening of the arteries" is one way to say it.

Da Vinci observed it but described it too.

So, to say that certain carbs "turn" into fat is missing
the over-all picture of the circulation of food.

The fact that rises out of all this is that weight lifting is a FLIPPING good idea!

When we look at everything about "metabolism" we can find the same fact.

The only part of your metabolism that you can really change
is your muscle and you can change it a lot.

Creating as much muscle as time and not doing steroids will allow
is, also, one of the best things that you can do for your bones too.

Sleep, food, water, weightlifting and cardio = long-term health for any one.

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Blood Circulation
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