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PostSubject: TRAINERS   Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:58 am

so, I've been training with 8 for a while now, trying to build him up from a ground guy (which hurts like hell on the rocks, by the way) to a rounded guy. I love stand-up, hate the ground. (not saying I CAN'T doi it..... just don't like it)

anyways, I got this "cousin" that got in the ring a couple while back and rang bells early first round more than once. he went trainer recently and I've been using the promise of introducing 8 to him to give him incentive. I also told my cuz about 8's desire to get in the octagon. so, dude came up for the weekend to house-sit for his dad and I invited him up to watch me box 8 for a minute.

now here's where I get a little butthurt....... 8 got a few good tips and stuff but when I asked for an opinion he said "Bro, if my house is clean there's no need to work on anything in it. You looked like you were having fun.." of course I said that we needed new blood out there and he agreed, just to get us out of the rut of just two guys boxing and such.

after, I went out and bought some new focus mitts and he ran me through some drills to work on with 8.

hopefully I can get him to come around more and maybe bring a couple other heads to join us in our "Extreme Backwoods MMA Training" as he so eloquently put it after he watched 8 bounce of a huge rock to the back of the neck when he went down only to keep trying to catch me up.

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