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 So I'm watching this kid hit the bag today...

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Crossfire the Crusader


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PostSubject: Re: So I'm watching this kid hit the bag today...   Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:25 am

My personal favorite training device was something called a crazy ball. Basically its a basketball inside a net bag that is attached to a bungee cord that runs from the ceiling to the floor. The ball goes wild when you hit it and you have to really focus to strike it a second time. I would challenge myself to see how many times I could strike it before I lost control of it completely...which usually wasnt that many times. The time I spent training with this has been quite beneficial to me when I needed it on the street as I learned how to spot openings that I would have missed when I was younger.

Who are you? I've never heard of you nor have I been given reason to take you seriously, I'm sure lots of people share my opinion on this matter. Which is why you got your initial response, if you had made an introduction thread or at least made of point of saying who you are you probably would've been received better. (Sleepless)

Sometimes you cant win by fighting the negative, but you can turn the tide by strengthening the positive

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PostSubject: Re: So I'm watching this kid hit the bag today...   Mon May 16, 2011 2:11 pm

OK Superhero Have you ever been in a fight with someone twice your own size? I have back when I was 16 and here are the advantages that got me through it

He grabbed me from behind and held onto my hands behind my back thinking that I wouldnt be able to do anything while his girlfriend got ready to clobber me with a wooden baseball bat I sent out my foot and kicked her hand that was holding the bat Then I buttt my head back into his face used my fingers to grab the crotch and pinch hard and my heels went straight into his shins forcing him to let go of me I then kicked him in the groin before making a run for it with my friend who got hit in the back with a small stone that one of them threw at us I then turned when I saw him go down and then charged straight at the guy ramming my head into his chest and while still running I smashed him into the wall knocking all the wind out of him Then when his GF threw another stone at me I moved causing the stone to miss me and hit the wall just beside the guys head I then tried to go back to my friend to see if he was ok but the guy grabbed me again and this time actually lifted me off my feet by the back of my shirt I then kicked her boobs causing her to drop the bat again before she could butt me in the face with it then I turned around and when he made another grab at me I ducked under and came up with Both my fists hitting his chin and then I kicked him in the goin again while my friend went to the police station get help The cop came out and had to ask my friend who he was supposed to help because it seemed like I was holding my own against the bigger guy and his girlfriend because while I was running across the creek a small stone slipped out from under my foot and he slipped on it before falling down on his face in the water and she tripped over him because she couldnt stop in time I then turned the guy over so that he wasnt breathing in water and gravel then the cop came down and took our statements while the guy and his gf were hauled off wearing cuffs I seriously at the time thought I was going to be arrested too because I had to hit a woman but the cop assured me that it was clearly a case of self defence He saw that I was trying to get away from them and only struck back because I was cornered but he had never thought I would have been able to walk away from that fight if he had not seen it while comming because Im not a very big person Im built like Spider-man and I have the habbit of throwing wise cracks while fighting people
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So I'm watching this kid hit the bag today...
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