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 Antagonist Perpetrated Aggression

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PostSubject: Antagonist Perpetrated Aggression   Sun Jun 14, 2009 4:08 am

Here is an interesting training system.
"APA Tactical Combat Training System is a proven special force response system. It is the Taiwan SWAT Tactical CQC system.
The emphasis of the systemization is the implementation of Combined Operations Rescue and Extraction and Rapid Reaction Deployment antiterrorist technologies. This Tactical Combat Training involves 1) Specialized Combat Marksmanship under conditions of physical and psychological stress, Team Assault formations for search, traversing, clearing, dynamic entry, and ambush 3) Close-Quarters Combat for rescue, extraction, arrest, tactical riot, multiple adjunctive angles, alternative weapons, simultaneous counter-attack and high risk protection. The process of tactical unification is developed through total skill integration and field protocol using four essential elements for analysis and training. These are;

1. Kinetic Objectives - Bio-Kinematics response and Force Compliance
2. Mental Visualization - Dynamic elements and Targeting Criticality
3. Simultaneous Interaction - Bio-mechanics, Preparation, Spontaneity
4. Precedence before Priority - Weapons Selection, First Strike Initiate"
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Antagonist Perpetrated Aggression
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