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PostSubject: Re: RACIST REX?   Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:56 am

Well said; I may have overreacted with Omen. Note, I don't rage scream much at anyone else. Like you; we might disagree on stuff, but you at least show common decency towards me; you don't name-call, or swear or scream at me, so that makes me feel more obligated to show you the same decency. I might consider trying to be decent with everyone...but I's just easier and more natural for me to treat others the way they treat me. =/

On Trump, I'd have to disagree with him being a moron; in my opinion, anyone doing a significant amount of research on him can tell that he's darn near a genius. Pretty much all conservatives think that though, but what about the other team? Democrats by and large think he's a smart guy too. Here's a liberal source on it:

Note, I've never said once, ever, that Donald Trump is a good person. I don't see him as the saviour so many conservatives try to make him out to be. In my opinion, trying to make anyone into a Savior figure is dangerous. Have to be careful of falling into hero-worship. Heroes are just people underneath, prone to folly and failure like everyone else. Trump has made a lot of mistakes...but who hasn't? So far, he appears to be doing his best to follow through on the promises he campaigned on. For someone my age, who has never seen a politician give a straight, direct answer before, it's a pretty incredible thing to see; someone who told us what he plans on doing and then goes and does what he said he was going to do. Still's too early to tell. Could all be a facade, seeing as earlier in his life he was a Democrat. On a flip side though, that could be a bonus; it could symbolize that he has an understanding of both sides. 

And you raised a very good point over the shock and fear factor that people get when they here a mean word like "nigger". People hear something they don't want to hear and then they spiral into chaos. ....That's a problem, isn't it? How can we fix that problem? What would fix it is if people didn't live in so much fear over mere sounds. The way to conquer those fears is to get them more used to hearing it. 

Just for a hypothetical example, suppose someone called Omen a dickhead. He probably wouldn't care in the slightest; he might even laugh at it. What if someone called him a nigger though? My guess is that he would not react as nonchalantly as he would have to being called a dickhead. Fierce words would be traded, and then it could very well spiral into violence because he was so incredibly shook up at hearing a pattern of sounds that isn't often used. He'd probably even jump right to trying to ban that word altogether, forbidding with absolute authority from letting those sounds ever escape their lips again. Then it's an attack on the Constitutional Freedom of Speech. All because Omen wasn't able to properly cope with being called that particular name as well as he can cope with being called a dickhead. 

....Like I said, I really think people need to just grow a pair and quit getting so worked up over little words. If they never hear those words, then they will never learn how to properly handle them. People can say whatever they want. How people react to them is entirely up to those people. Get butthurt and raise a ruckus over nothing, or rise above it and move on. 

....But yep; you've given me some stuff to think about, Equal. Thanks for clarifying. Smile 

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PostSubject: Re: RACIST REX?   Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:29 am

2 0 4 wrote:
People hear something they don't want to hear and then they spiral into chaos. ....That's a problem, isn't it? How can we fix that problem?

It's being human. There is nothing wrong with it, that's just how nature made us. If humans were 100% rational, we would be extinct. You can't expect it to change. YOU have to change if you want people to listen.
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PostSubject: Re: RACIST REX?   Wed Mar 15, 2017 6:52 am

...You're right. ...I don't want to change, but I guess everybody has to do things they don't want to do from time to time. Thanks for sharing.
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PostSubject: Re: RACIST REX?   Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:04 am

The stupidity of a coward.

When I was, young I remember watching this kid get beat into an inch of his life on our bus ride to school. The fight was so bad, the teacher’s aid was also attacked when he attempted to stop the fight. The fight poured off of the bus with the music of vulgar speech acting as the unwelcomed ambiance to the violence.

The victim was this skinny white kid who used to ‘nip’ at others with quick responses from comments he’d hear. I wasn’t a friend of the kid, but I knew him from school as a person that was hard to be friends with. From this, he had a slick attitude of not giving a crap and would attempt to ‘slice’ people using comments and going into topics that pushed the boundaries.

On this day, he verbally ‘sliced’ another boy about his mother being a whore, when that very same boy exposed him as gay.

The boy got on the bus laughing at the skinny-kid in back calling him a, “Fucking FAGGOT!”. The boy talked about the kid’s v-neck shirt and feminine actions. What made the kid snap was when the other boy made fun of his crush on some popular surfer at school. The gay kid snapped and called the boy’s mom a whore.

The boy and his friends beat that gay-kid into a bloody mess.

I watched from the midsection of the bus and was stunned as to how vicious they stomped him. I was young. I didn’t know what Gay was and I definitely didn’t know what, ‘faggot’ was. After that situation, I learned REALLY quick. I saw the power of words.  
In the South, rednecks do NOT like, ‘faggots’! What those boys did will stay with me the rest of my life. All of them were white, and yet, I saw another treated very similar to what I had experienced with Race.

‘Yes’ those rednecks had the Constitutional Right to say the word, but it does not mean that using a derogatory term should be done without exploring a more respectful way to convey one’s thoughts.

204, Saying it over-and-over in the hopes to make someone ‘used’ to it is utter ignorance bordering on sheer stupidity, considering the source of the comment. That gay kid did not EVER want to get used to being called, ‘FAGGOT’.


Because of the hurt and memories that are connected with that word, 204. Do you even understand the words coming out of your mouth and pouring onto the keys of your keyboard?

(In fact, I normally would type the negative word against gay people because of the very hurt it creates. Hopefully, seeing it will jar something in you, 204... maybe then, you can hope to understand how WE feel)

When someone is traumatized by an action, with an object, by a word, etc., NO they do not want to be in an environment nurturing the source of their pain. It is common-frickin-sense, 204.

Your main rebuttal to slinging around the derogatory term, ‘N-word’, is to tell others to ‘grow a pair’ and yet, you lose your mind when someone describes you as the fake you are.

You WHINE and you throw up a barrier to any other way of thinking than your own (Brick Wall). You defend your wall with an occasional, hollow apology and/or false realization… then drift right back into your closed-minded point-of-view in hopes to redirect from what you have truly proven yourself to be…

A loser.

This is why you and I have so many issues. You WANT to fight. You relish the fight. You find your worth within the skirmish. But, you are fighting no one other than yourself.

I am here because I WANT to be here and I enjoy this community. This is why I always try to keep the perspective of the community in my words. I am here to listen and learn, because I actually enjoy healthy discussions. I am here to be in the presence of others that are trying to be, ‘Good’.

Why are you here, 204?

I’ve asked this over-and-over. You’re here because you NEED to be here. No one else wants your presence across the internet. You’re here to rant, to fight, to prove to no one other than yourself, that you can hold your ground and stand strong.

You know why you’re a loser crumpled up in the trashcan outside of this 'house of Hope', because you are utterly too damn STUPID to see that your current path and way of thinking is taking you NO WHERE!

YES, you are a self-hating, self-loathing, unemployed, burden, and RACIST! Even worst, you’re secretly proud of it, while denying it as you type. You know you are going NO where in life. You know you can’t hack it on your own. You know you can’t formulate an independent creative thought on your own. This is why you desperately grasp at Fox News logic – and it doesn’t work, especially in an environment of heroes, in which EMPATHY is the foundation bond with those they help.

These truths sting you to hear. Right now, you want to RAGE-SCREAM in response because these burning revelations are not revelations at all, 204… they are simply you and your history. You can’t help but to defend yourself from your parent’s home, in the same kiddie room you grew up an and reside as a grown man. You can’t help but to attack others, because you cant make a rent payment, a light bill, or even the internet bill.

You can't help but to disparage Blacks, because deep down it makes you feel you have someone you're better than, even as you reside at the crap-hole bottom of your society. You whine how ‘THEY’ and others need to grow-a-pair… well guess what, 204, just because you’re a gay redneck does not mean YOUR balls fell off!

Grow up, get a job, move out, and get a life, before you even dare to think everything is your way or the highway. Because following that road has lead you straight back home to Alaska and into the very same environment that has you stagnant.

Being a brick wall only stops YOU, 204.

The stupidity of a coward.

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PostSubject: Re: RACIST REX?   Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: RACIST REX?   

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