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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:34 am

204, I am actually trying to get through to you in the hopes that you will take a chance to expand your thinking. PLEASE, try to empty half of your cup of tainted knowledge and try to listen to a different point-of-view.

Let me take you on a quick ‘thought-journey’…

You believe the ACA is extorting money… okay, let’s use that as our foundation.

You are currently covered medically for all time because of your Native American bloodline; you refer to it as, ‘free medical’.

Now, I am going to do something EXTREMELY crazy… I am going to swap shoes with you, and in this scenario, I will approach you as a White man (this is serious).

Do I think it is fair for you to have free medical for life because of your bloodline?

My answer is, ‘Yes’.

Our history as White and American comes with the shadow of death and broken promises to the Native people of this nation. For what has been done historically, will echo amongst the native people and their tribes for the next thousand years. We know this and so, there are no questions when it comes to providing medical and education to those of Native bloodlines.

But, 204… it is NOT free.

All of America contributes to ensure that your medical is there when you and your family is in need for care. This is why we pay taxes, this is why we chose this method to contribute as one people, one nation.

It is not extortion, it can be rough, but it allows us to have all of the services and infrastructures that act as the glue between races, beliefs, cultures, religions, and creeds.

A person who has only lived during the day, can only speculate about the night. This is what you are doing, 204. This is why I have adamantly spoken to you about empathy. Because you have ‘free’ medical, you have the ability to agree with a rich man’s moral argument on the ACA. You actually DO have the ability to see it as extortion… for YOU.

Remember, this is a RLSH forum and community. We are talking about people who actively go out to aid and sometimes defend people they don’t know. There are heroes on here who make less than $30k a year and still purchase items to hand out to the homeless and less fortunate. There are rescuers here, who enter hazardous areas to save people. Nurses, who care for others in their neighborhood. Volunteers, who donate to non-profits.

This is a home for heroes.

When you describe taxes for healthcare that can save the homeless, provide medicine for the poor, and ensure a mother dying from a disease won’t get kicked off of her insurance, as EXTORTION… how did you honestly, perceive that statement being taken, in an environment such as this?

Did you think about it? Did you consider the others on here? Did you contemplate how the youth would discern your disposition?

You are on the very edge of sliding back into your old self, right now. Slow down and take it easy, think about the others you know are on here, as well as those that are simply reading what’s on here.

This is not a News Channel website, it is a gathering of people who have something inside them that drives them to serve others.

Affordable Care is not about paying for ACCESS. It is about US… Americans, becoming a national community to take care of one-another… even if we do not know each other.

You have the Right to disagree and I respect that. I am hoping that you understand that I have the Right to agree with premise behind Obamacare, even as I hope that R-n-R fails… and R-n-E succeeds.

"Respect is a gift to be given and a present to be earned." -Omen
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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:54 am

"Uhm… I don’t really want to get into a war over Presidents, 204, but you do know that President Obama is ranked as one of the BEST Presidents in history, right?"

Ranked by whom exactly? 

"Out of the last 43 Presidents, he came in at 15th. He will go down as one of the greatest Presidents this century, as well as the last. He has 75 months of continual job growth, created a standard so high, it probably won’t be reached for another 50 to 100 years."

It doesn't matter what's written down on a piece of paper; We the People get to decide if he was a good President or not. Not the biased news media. Not a singular political party. Democrats and Republicans alike all had major issues with Obama. We the People have spoken

"With a smaller more precise military, he revolutionized warfare with pinpoint attacks and FAR fewer deaths than most Presidents serving during stages of War."

If Obama was so concerned with fighting the enemy, then why did he give the enemy truckloads of money and weapons with which to fight OUR PEOPLE with? If you ask the Military men and women themselves (not the biased liberal news media), then they will tell you that Obama just about destroyed our military. While strengthening the enemy. That's the opinion of the people who truly fight and die for you. Not the word of a politician from one of the most politically-corrupt areas in our nation. Chicago is FAMOUS for it's dirty politicians. 

"He has only been married once, in comparison to our current President, to a woman that is arguably as great or greater than ANY other First Lady in history. His daughters are from the same mother and he has one of the most scandal free terms (two terms) of all."

I don't care about their love affairs. We weren't hiring a Sunday School teacher, we were hiring a Commander In Chief. And exactly how the hell is Michelle Obama so great? What did she ever do for the American People that we all just fucking adored? XD 

"Look, I don’t want to get into comparing President Obama and President Trump too much, because this would simply turn into an argument in which neither one of us would yield."

You did it anyway oddly enough. 

To make things simple, there is a basic test that we often use to figure out if someone, something, or some action is suspect – I am so sorry to go this direction again, but it can’t be ignored – we call it the ‘Racial Litmus Test’.

Oh good grief lol. This again. XD

Please ask yourself this and you do NOT have to post your answers.

I'm posting my answers because otherwise the debate you started would be incredibly one-sided, and that's just not fair. 

"If President Obama was married three times and had children from multiple women, would you support him?"

No. Former President Obama's policies weren't ones that I believe in. I wouldn't have cared about his personal life. I'd have cared about his professional life. 

"If President Obama refused to release his Tax Returns and had NEVER served in the government while running for President, do you think you would have supported him?"

No. Former President Obama's policies weren't ones that I believe in. I wouldn't have cared about his personal life. I'd have cared about his professional life. If he didn't want to release his tax returns, then he wouldn't have to; I don't think it's illegal to NOT tell everyone your personal business dealings in the past. That would infringe on our right to remain silent. If he'd kept them private, sure, people might have been suspicious, but the thing is, the American People really wanted to vote for "The First African American President" so it didn't matter in the slightest. 

"If he would have referred to White people as ‘Bad Rednecks’ and described them as incestuous, with some of them being good… would you have cheered for him?"

No. Former President Obama's policies weren't ones that I believe in. Also, you seem to be accusing Donald Trump again of calling ALL latinos "bad hombres". He never did. That is a misguided, false, slanderous view. There's countless facts that prove Trump isn't a racist. His immigrant wife being one of many of them lol. He's NOT against immigration. He's NOT against people of other races. He's against BAD GUYS who threaten our country.

"What if he would have described White serial killers and mass murders as, ‘Radical Christian Terrorists’?"

It wouldn't make any sense in the slightest, UNLIKE calling ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorists. Why? Because it's the ISLAMIC STATE of IRAQ and SYRIA. Both of which are predominately Islamic, both of which are PRIMARY sponsors of GLOBAL TERRORISM. You're comparison is pathetic and insulting.

"If President Obama was recorded getting off of a bus, boasting about grabbing a woman’s genitals and threatened to sue them for coming out against him, would you support him?"

No. Former President Obama's policies weren't ones that I believe in. I don't care about is personal life, and I especially don't give three shades of fuck about something that happen OVER SEVEN YEARS AGO. Also....What man HASN'T said something stupid about women in a joking manner? Hell, I'd bet even you yourself have said some inappropriate things out of impulsiveness. I know I have; I regret it. I'm sure Trump does too. Again, we weren't hiring a fucking Sunday School teacher. You're bringing up an irrelevant point trying to turn it into something that it's not. 

"What if he was on national radio, calling his daughter hot, and bragged about her breasts on talk radio?"

Another potentially stupid thing for him to do, but again, it didn't hurt the American people, it has NOTHING to do with his Presidency. And really....technically it was a compliment. His daughter IS hot lol. I'm sure her breasts ARE quite nice lol. Whether or not it was wrong comes down to "It's a family matter." if his  daughter LIKED that he bragged about her, would it still be "wrong"??? The answer is no, it wouldn't be, but liberals would still make a big deal out of it anyway because they're Anti-Trump. Period. 

"How would you feel if President Obama would have questioned Donald Trump’s lineage, saying that he was the child of a Nazi and probably not from this country?"

I'd ask him to prove it. If he couldn't then that would be the end of it; just one his many many many lies. Trump questioned Obama's lineage years and years ago. And who knows? Maybe he was right. Birth Certificates can always be faked, and considering how many other lies Obama has told, I wouldn't put it past him. I can't trust a single word that comes out of that man's mouth. But now, it's IRRELEVANT.

"What if he became your President and never apologized for his actions, nor took responsibility for many of them?"

Apologies don't matter. Actions do. Talk is cheap. 

"If you were to remove the names and Races of the two Presidents, you and I are discussing, and place their histories, choices, characteristics, traits, backgrounds, and actions on equal sheets of paper…Who would you choose to follow? "

Just really think this about race don't you? Lmao. I'm conservative. Obama is liberal and comes from one of the most corrupted cities in the country. The choice is fucking obvious for me lol, it has NOTHING to do with RACE. And it wasn't a choice between THOSE two individuals anyway, it was a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Anyone who knows anything about the Clinton's know that they're also corrupt to the core and completely out of touch with the rest of America; the normal people who DON'T spend 300,000 dollars on a fucking dress or whatever lol. Also, Hillary and Bill LOOTED the White House on their way out. They are GENUINE criminals lmao. Trump as far as I know hasn't flat out broken any laws, let alone burglary like the Clinton's lol. 

"No President is perfect. No human is perfect. Our conversation should NOT be limited to Obama and Trump, it should be about the larger challenges, the title of President can fix."

Actions fix problems. Not titles. 

"You are entitled to your opinion of President Obama, as I am entitled to my own about the current President. But, my discussion is about policies and not the individual."

....Could of fooled me, lol.

"Do I think it is fair for you to have free medical for life because of your bloodline?
My answer is, ‘Yes’. "

Well you would be wrong, lol. It's NOT fair for me to have free medical for life just because of my bloodline. NO WHITE MAN alive today did ANYTHING to my Native ancestors. White people TODAY do NOT owe me a GODDAMN THING. They give it to me anyway though. They never hurt me or my people. THEIR ANCESTORS did, but THEY did not. ....I don't think you'll ever be able to understand that concept. You aren't ENTITLED to special treatment because of your race. 

If white people decided to stop paying for my healthcare, they would be COMPLETELY WITHIN THEIR RIGHT to do so, and I'd understand why, and would be glad that now that money could go towards other things to make the country better, instead of paying for the sins of their great great grandfathers.
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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:58 am

Life isn't fair, Omen. It never will be. Not all men are created equally. Thank god for that. If everybody was just the same, life would be a lot more boring and miserable and draconian.
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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Fri Mar 03, 2017 2:43 am

204, I hate to say this again... have you considered you may be in the wrong place? The wrong forum? The wrong community?
Man, you should seriously consider finding somewhere else to vent your issues. I'm trying my best not to offend you, but damn, man... there is no getting through to you. I am NOT trying to change your mind, no one is. You are fighting tooth-and-nail as though there is a war on this board and YOU should be the almighty focus.

You EVER wonder WHY you rub people the wrong way? Have you even taken the time to think about HOW you have pushed almost everyone away?

You are a brick wall.

No one cares about fighting you or defeating you, that is NOT why they are here, 204. We don’t care if you’re a Conservative. It does not mean anything in a community focused on how they can help others, share what they have, and appreciate diversity.

You are stuck on, ‘It’s MY way or the highway!” and every one is sitting around chewing popcorn, staring at you.

This conversation started about Policy. I was intentionally struggling NOT to say the President’s name and to adhere to the policy-topics on the table. You were determined to jump on top of the table screaming, “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!”

Those of us watching were like, “What the F###?!?”


Once again, everyone watching is like, “What the F###?!?”

When someone responds, “er - uhm, it’s not extortion…”

You attack and divert the entire discussion into your personal battlefield.

Other person: Er – uhm, it’s not extortion…

And once again, everyone is like, “What the F###?!?”


Almost everyone has given up trying to talk sense to you, 204… you simply don’t know how to stop. NO ONE is out to get you! Everyone understands that different opinions are a part of a conversation. This discussion was about Policy, 204. POLICY.

Look, I don’t know what you’re looking for here in this community, in fact, I am quite sure…. MANY of us don’t know what you are looking for, but what you are bringing tends to bear the fruit of more negativity than positivity.

204, This Real Life Super Hero forum may NOT be the best place for you. Please -PLEASE consider creating an account on the Foxnews network so you can be in the presence of your brethren who will invite your challenge and obstinance.

This entire post has basically dried up of content and reduced to everyone leaving with you and I stuck in hopeless back-and-forth banter.

This is not the first time this has happened, 204. When you hijack a topic and twist it to your brutal opinions without acceptance, they all tend to follow the same paths. You are creating deserts, among fertile soil ripe to grow pastures of healthy debates.

Once again, please consider leaving this community, 204.

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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Fri Mar 03, 2017 6:41 am

"Man, you should seriously consider finding somewhere else to vent your issues. I'm trying my best not to offend you, but damn, man... there is no getting through to you. I am NOT trying to change your mind, no one is. You are fighting tooth-and-nail as though there is a war on this board and YOU should be the almighty focus."

I don't fit into any other category. The Real Life Super Hero community is the only subculture that's diverse enough for somebody like me. 

If you REALLY were trying your BEST not to offend me, you wouldn't have called me a racist and just about everything else under the sun. This is how I respond to being attacked. EXPECT it every fucking time. 

"Other person: Er – uhm, it’s not extortion…

Right here for example Omen, you were offensive and insulting yet again. You twisted everything I said, and flat out LIED when you said I ever said "DIE - DIE!" You're CONTINUING to spread Fake News. Which is why I created this thread. To expose your GARBAGE. And for the record, I don't think Trump rules. Trump's a stuck-up, straight-n-arrow Jesus freak with nearly impossible standards. I moan and groan at him fairly often too. I still think he's a shit load better than the alternative, and I HOPE he doesn't fuck us over, and I don't care to waste my time trying to make matters worse by ATTACKING him, because so far, he's done nothing to Attack the American People and has helped countless people already, and it's only been a few weeks. Could all be a fucking ACT, and he just might BE the next Hitler! As soon as he fucks up in a colossal way, trust me, I will be the FIRST person to start shoving crow into my mouth like I haven't ate in weeks, and you will be the FIRST person I tell about it. And Fox News is too one-sided for me to join their message board. They'd hate me too lol. 

"You EVER wonder WHY you rub people the wrong way? Have you even taken the time to think about HOW you have pushed almost everyone away?"

Because I'm a non-conformist that despises authority and thinks that just about everybody these days are pussies because they've never had to be dipped in the fire before because they're constantly coddled by their government and security blankets which they think are all they need for protection. People for the most part, in my eyes, are mindless zombies just looking for another proverbial brain to munch on, unaware of the insanity of their current predicament. Once in a while though I'll come across a fellow Zombie Hunter. =P The thing is.....I just don't give a fuck what people think about me anymore. I shouldn't have to coddle you and TRY to be your friend in order to develop any kind of "special" relationship. I don't HAVE to be friendly all the time Omen, and the people who see me for who I really am and can look past my "brick wall" and decide for themselves that we're friends....those are the friendships that last forever. I'm just a deeper person than most. I think way too much and I feel things way too strongly. 

 "Once again, please consider leaving this community, 204."

Never. I am leaving this thread though. I'm confident now that anyone can look at the interaction between you and I and determine for themselves who's making the more sense and who's the real brick wall. I have nothing else to prove; you've shown your true colors. Me? People have already known I'm a dickhead for quite a while. Again, I don't care. 

Life's easier when I don't try to bend over backwards trying to please everybody. This community is for EVERYONE who wants to make a difference in this world. I fit that description to a fucking T; regardless of what lies and misdirections you try to spew. Actions will always speak louder than words. Have a nice life. 

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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:43 am


Obama sucked, chasing down wisleblowers and decreasing the freedom of speech, revolutionized warfare with drones taking down dangerous terrorsists, and everybody else just happend to be in the area. The guy have charisma, but defently not a man of strong moral.

Trump suck even more. Taking the war against the free press to a new level, combined with being a total moron. He's not a successful buissnessman, he just got lucky and had a rich dad. He's an hater, waging war against everything not fitting into his "great" america.

Maybe Elizabeth would take you back? Wouldn't hurt to ask.
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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:54 pm

Of all the things you just stated in your last two posts, there is one statement you made that stands out as true when it comes to you, 204...

"Apologies don't matter. Actions do. Talk is cheap. "

This really struck a nerve in me and gave me a reality check as to who you are. You have apologized over-and-over on this forum only to repeat your cycle of destruction without pause. You have spoke about ALL of these things that you want to do and have done,.. and yet, Provo Canyon is still swapping children while making money, you are still home getting high, you're still smoking, and you still lack empathy for the plight of others.

It seems that the only place you feel you have relevance, is here.

No matter how big and bold you talk, the sliver of truth embedded in your sentence fragments was the gospel of your life. You spoke your heart and it wasn’t about our President… it was about you, 204.

It was about you.

You have nowhere to go, it is obvious now. This is why you’re angry.
You have nothing to do.
You truly don’t have any real goals, you merely have things you want to do.

I kept wandering, WHY you were always on the attack and now it is obvious…

THIS is all you have. You have your unwavering opinions and announcing them to the world is the only thing to remind the world that you are here.

204, all you have is TALK…


And as you stated so very elegantly… “Talk is cheap.”

You win, 204. You have won this game that was never played.

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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:05 am

We all want to be loved. From an early age, we all learn that, to be loved, we have to be good; if we're not good, we're bad. We fear being bad, and want to be good. From an early age, we all learn to do what pleases the people we care about, and see that as being good; we learn to avoid doing what displeases them, which would make us bad, if we did them. Things we see as being good, especially when they make us feel better, either by giving us pleasure or making pain more bearable, if not taking it away, we want to take into ourselves; usually, we try to make these things part of who we are. Others, which we see as being bad, which may make us feel worse by costing us pleasure or giving us strain and pain, we want to put elsewhere, but where? We have to learn to put them into things, and people, who are already there, before we learn to create things to put them in. It's just easier that way; that's why we take those negative things, assign certain qualifiers to them, and when we find people who fit those qualifiers, we assign those negatives to them. Those negatives become who they are, and eventually, they fulfill our predictions about them somehow, even if we have to make those predictions more open.

This process makes us more passionate, and when we're more passionate, we get tunnel-vision. What started as a means of expressing ourselves becomes a means of persuading others to see our side as good and, by extension, our competition as bad, so we can be good to the audience. What became a means of persuasion, becomes a litmus test, by which we test others, and see if they're our kind of good, or our kind of bad; what was a litmus test, we turn into a shooting-range, where we can pick off targets. Is it worse that we're doing it, or that it's being done to us, at the same time? But, can we really be blamed? After all, we can only see through our own eyes and hear through our own ears. Then again, we have two ears to hear with, and only one mouth to speak with...

My point is, it seems to me like you're both seeing this as an attack on yourselves, and it's making you lash out with counterattacks at each-other. Maybe, it would be a good idea to just avoid talking to each-other for a while. No baiting into responses, no taking messages as bait. Sometimes, we need to take a few steps back, take some time away from being in each-others' faces, and see that we might not be facing the Devil.

I'm not addressing just one person, of course, and this is all just a suggestion. Take it however you see fit, but know that I just see what you've gotten into as a very unhealthy cycle, like a boxing match that goes on forever. Sooner or later, there has to be an end to the match, and how many boxers truly despise their opponents in a match?
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PostSubject: Re: OMEN'S FAKE NEWS   

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