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 Sample Diet

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PostSubject: Sample Diet   Thu Feb 26, 2015 5:41 pm

To maintain and develop my body and physique, I try and eat a variety of foods, although because of financial and sensory restraints I'm limited when it comes to vegetables or fruits; regardless this is a sample diet composed of what I am eating today to give a rough idea of what I eat in general. 
Breakfast: Protein Bar/Cup of greek yogurt, flaxseed oil, multivitamin and magnesium; 350 calories/30g of protein 
Lunch: Pepperoni melt sandwich, cup of juice, and fish oil; 510 calories/21g of protein
Dinner: lean burger on whole wheat, 480 calories/33g of protein 
Snacks: Ramen/Pb&J: 780 calories together/26g of protein
Protein Shake with high-carb meals: 800 calories/80g of protin 
Total: 2920 calories/190 grams of protein 
Because I use a combination of high intensity and medium volume training with cardio, as well as intermittent fasting for my physical and mental health I lose weight fairly easily and need around 3,000 calories a day; in addition to these above meals and snacks I also may indulge in a payday candy bar.
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Sample Diet
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