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 Human Ratchet Strap Exercise

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PostSubject: Human Ratchet Strap Exercise   Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:27 pm

Well today was a tiring work day; I had to serve as a human ratchet strap for about a hundred miles; my arms are killing me!
For this exercise you will need a long econline freight van, a big pallet, and a heavy dirt bike, and a long ass stretch of highway. And a pink slip, haha.Open up the back of the van, position the pallet as much like a ramp as you can (it'll be steep), back the dirtbike up and line it up with "the Ramp", run the bike up it fast and firm but straight and precise. Can't lay it down for the trip because the gas leaks out all over, you have to sit on it, throw your knees over the handle bars, and lay back because the van's too short, so you use the seatbelt straps for balance, now the fun part, every time the driver makes a turn the centrifugal force moves all your weight plus the dirtbike, when the driver has to stop or even slow down a bit, the entire bike wants to lurch forward so you gotta hang onto it for dear life using only your knees and grip on the seatbelts. I got some sick air Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Human Ratchet Strap Exercise   Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:29 pm

Note: This is technically illegal, but this was special circumstances where it had to be done, just saying, helluva workout. XD
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Human Ratchet Strap Exercise
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