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 How to Train an RLSH - Part 2

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PostSubject: How to Train an RLSH - Part 2   Fri Sep 27, 2013 2:06 am

So, if you've read Part 1: Culling & Evaluation, then you can see how the process of finding suitable patrol candidates is similar to a job interview.  It can be just as tedious, but it really is preferable to spending long hours training someone who then decides they want to be Batman or the Punisher.

The next stage in the process is Feedback & Selection.  This is where you can attempt to bring out the best in all the prospects before deciding which ones will best contribute to the team.  

The steps for this stage are: 
1. Positive & negative feedback.
2a. Suggest ways to improve skills and mindset.
2b. Explain why prospect will not be moving forward.
3. Re-evaluate based on response to feedback.
4. Final selection to continue to candidate training.

1. Positive & negative feedback will be based on what you learned about the candidate in Part 1.  Sit privately with each prospect, and give them a detailed accounting of their strengths and weaknesses as a potential RLSH crime patroller.  This is particularly important if they persist with an incorrect mindset based on preconceptions drawn from comics, movies, or other fictional influences.

2a. Suggest several ways for prospects to strengthen their weaker aspects, both mentally and physically, and encourage them to expand their skills in the areas for which they already show aptitude.  If their mindset is already on track, suggest study of de-escalation and observation techniques.  Tell them they can call you with questions, and follow up with them in three days to see what progress they have made.  It is imperative, however, that you only give them suggestions, not directives.

2b. If, after the initial evaluation in Part 1, you feel the prospect will not develop the correct mindset or skills that you value, this is the time to break the bad news.  Do not insult them, or get angry with them.  They may get very angry, and it is a good idea to have a witness in the room with you if they get overheated.  It happens.

3. After the three day improvement period, you can re-evaluate each candidate based on their response to your suggestions.  The effort they put into making suggested changes or improvements will reveal a level of dedication and willingness to submit to the process, and give up notions of what they think they already know about patrol, and even about their own ability.  This is why feedback must not be directives, but suggestions.  They don't necessarily need to make huge improvements, and likely won't in three days, but it is very important to see them making the attempt.

4. Final selection of candidates to move on as trainees should be the easiest part of any of the stages I will post in this series.  By now, your choices should be pretty clear, and the only real criteria for dismissal will be who you believe will be the best fit for the needs of the team and mission, and how well they fit in socially with the rest of the group (something I don't generally consider, but you will want to).  If their mindset is now more in line with proper patrol attitudes, they show willingness to learn, display the skills they claim to possess, and have a strong internal motivation for choosing this lifestyle, they are likelier to stick with the training, and have a decent chance of surviving the next stage: Part 3 - Physical & Mental Conditioning.

Thanks again for reading.  Remember, this is modified from my training method to be suitable to higher profile, social patrol groups, and it is only one way of doing things.  Feel free to adapt or modify any parts to fit your own philosophies.  If you do follow this method, I welcome feedback of all kinds.
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How to Train an RLSH - Part 2
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