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 Training suggestions?

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PostSubject: Training suggestions?   Sat Jan 05, 2013 9:01 pm

Been doing bodyweight training for months, looking for any advice on how to improve or a rough guide on how much I should be doing.

I'm around 65kg/ and I fluctuate between 10 stone - 10 and a half quite quickly.
Do around 300 inverted/elevated pushups every 2nd day (as many as I can do in a row which atm is around 70 for the first set then decaying a bit each set) Small breaks of under a minute between each set as well. Made makeshift weights out of guitars for dumbbell rows do 100 on each arm.
Also do suicide runs, sprints, push ups, sit ups, planks at basketball once a week

What I'm aiming for is more parkour orientated, be able to throw myself around a lot and get quite agile.
Suggestions on what exercises I can do? Bearing in mind that I can't afford any gym equipment or a membership so strictly home exercises .
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Training suggestions?
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