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 What Abilities Does a RLSH Need (Part 2)

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PostSubject: What Abilities Does a RLSH Need (Part 2)   Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:20 am

Great question . . . unfortunately, I can't seem to reply to posts in this section. So I've got to start a new thread to answer:

Here's my brainstorm:

I. Functional Strength:

- The 5BX program ( is a great place to start. I want to tweak this for RLSH.

- Bill Pearl has a 20 month weight lifting program (

II. Cardio

- Check out Hal Higdon's site (

- I'd suggest doing 40% strength training and 60% cardio.

III. Martial Arts

- If it's in your budget, join a martial arts school that 'feels right.' Don't worry about the style.

- Check out Bas Rutten's MMA CDs if you're training out on your own (

IV. Sprinting/Jumping:

- Jump rope. Fast feet = speed. Check out the Buddy Lee stuff at (

- American Parkour has some good training info. Start with their warm-up workout at (

- Actual sprinting workouts are pretty intense. Don't just jump into these. Here's a good one to get your started (
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What Abilities Does a RLSH Need (Part 2)
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