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 What Abilities Does a RLSH Need?

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PostSubject: What Abilities Does a RLSH Need?   Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:25 pm

I think it is time the more physically fit and active of us (I think I have read some among us are physical trainers) make a physical training program that would be best and easiest to follow to give RLSH's the physical abilities they need. Body builders have programs to give them the best results, athletes have different programs for different sports.

So, first things first... What physical abilities does a RLSH need?
And I mean a RLSH who really wants to be inspiring physically, I know not every RLSH has to be in great shape.

I'll start the brain storming. Maybe after a bit more brainstorming we can speak of exercises to increase these physical feats?

-Sprinting: In order to keep up with fast people, especially since you are wearing your gear and it will slow you down.
-Functional Strength: Pushing, pulling, lifting strength in order to keep control of a situation. Big showy muscles not needed, but strong muscles needed.
-Cardio: Walk arounds can take a long time. Patrol can be tough, you may have to do a prolonged jog. Cardio is very important and is important for overall health.
-Martial Arts: Self defense is very important even if not a hero, even if it only helps you by giving you confidence.
-Jumping: Perhaps for parkour? Jumping uses similar muscles to sprinting, so you could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.
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What Abilities Does a RLSH Need?
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